Jessica Van Ierland

About me: I love fishing because it connects me to nature, relaxation, exhilaration and adventure.

I have been ocean fishing for a little over 8 years. In recent years I look to the river for fishing endeavors year round for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead.

I began fishing with my uncles on the great lakes while vacationing in the summer when I was a little girl. As I grew older I realised I wanted to do more and more of it. Vancouver Island has so many opportunities but it can be a little bit overwhelming choosing which fishing adventure to go on, but that’s why I love it! You could say I am an opportunist. I enjoy sharing my fishing adventures with the world through my blogging and Instagram @islandgirlfishing. There is no such thing as a day on the couch in my world. Gibbs-Delta Tackle has turned my catching skills up a notch.

Favorite Gibbs-Delta Product: My favorite Gibbs-Delta item has got to be the Skinny G No Bananas spoon. It has caught more fish than anything else in my tackle box!