Spring Roll Sportfishing

About us: Fishing has been a part of my life since I was a very young boy. Regular outings with my father and uncle lit the fire and passion that I have for fishing and the outdoors.

I have been a professional guide for the past thirteen years. Ten of which were spent at famed Langara Fishing Lodge.

I love being a guide because of the joy that it brings myself to see the big smiles from happy customers and also the friendships that are built from sharing those experiences. I love sharing my knowledge with others.

Favorite Gibbs-Delta Product: Some of my favourite Gibbs-Delta products are the Gibbs Guide Series Bon Chovy and Madi flashers as well as the Gibbs Gold Nugget Skinny G spoons! I also always have a good stock of Rhys Davis Anchovy Special Teaser Heads in chrome and red as well.